(station break)

we'll return to our regularly scheduled program next weekend

Ahoy! The past few days have been busy and the week got away from me. So I’m taking this weekend off from Ringo Dreams of Lawn Care. Alas, I had an article half-written (in my head) with the title “Easter Eggs” — but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use that title for another year. We’ll see. I will return in full force next Saturday or Sunday.

If you’re a new subscriber — there are a few of you; thank you! — check out some previous episodes to see what this is all about. This is my first time dropping the ball, and I don’t plan to make it a regular occurrence. Please stand by!


At the very least, I do want to give a few musical recommendations. One thing I will write about in the future is how our current isolated state changes our listening habits. Apparently, a lot of you are listening to more chilled, ambient styles as you navigate your days. Me, too. So here are three ambient music recommendations, with the proceeds from each going to a worthy charity:

Healing Sounds II: A compilation for those in need. This release is from the excellent ambient label Past Inside The Present. There are 49 songs from just as many artists, and the tunes are lovely. Part one, released in September 2019, went to help those in need after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas. This current edition donates money to Feeding America, “a nationwide organization that harnesses support from local communities to keep low-income families supplied with food. Right now, its biggest concern is children whose schools have closed, cutting off a source of healthy, free meals.” [link]

WorldWideWindow. This compilation achieves 56 tracks and artists, compiled by Italian producer Neel. The set isn’t entirely ambient, representing a broader overview of electronic sounds. Like the previous compilation, the music is all new. mostly composed for the comp, and is meant to reflect “this time we are living in.” The mood is also soothing, reassuring, and mostly calm. “100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Red Cross to help the world’s most affected countries in the COVID-19 pandemic.” [link]

Music For Healing. Richard Norris, who is known for his work with Beyond The Wizards Sleeve and The Grid, composes gorgeous ambient music under his own name. He has two previous albums that I also recommend, but Richard’s new project is directly inspired by helping himself and others cope with the current crisis. Titled Music For Healing, Richard intends to regularly compose a new 20-minute track as part of a series meant as “a personal aid to stress and anxiety relief.” There are four editions so far, and “all profits go to mental health charity MIND.” These soundscapes are particularly beautiful and meaningful. [link]


Thank you for putting up with this short station break. Enjoy your day and the music. And give your friends a virtual hug (and let them know you did so). I’ll see you next week! 🚀